Requirements for Class Standing


A minimum number of credits must be completed for grade classification at McLean County High School:


           Senior classification, 20 credits

            Junior classification, 12 credits

                     Sophomore classification, 5 credits


Weighted Curriculum

The curriculum is weighted for the graduating class of 2016 and beyond as follows:  AP English Literature & Composition, AP English Language and Composition, AP Spanish, AP Calculus (AB),  AP History of Europe (Mid-17th Century to Present), AP History of U. S. since 1865, AP Government, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and all college courses. 


Grading System

The following grading system is utilized at McLean County High School

                           Grading Scale                                    Unweighted GPA                              Weighted GPA

                                            A  90-100                                                A = 4.0                                        A = 5.0

         B  80-89                                                  B = 3.0                                          B = 4.0

          C  70-79                                                  C = 2.0                                         C = 3.0

             D  60-69                                                  D = 1.0                                         D = 2.0  

        F  Below 60                                             F =  0                                            F = 0 


Report Cards/Progress Reports

 McLean County High School utilizes nine week grading periods.  Report cards are mailed home approximately one week following the end of the nine week grading period.


   Progress reports are distributed to students at the midpoint of each nine week grading period (after 4 1/2 weeks of instruction.




Counseling Services

 A variety of counseling services are available at McLean County High School.  These services include individual and group counseling with referral to outside agencies where circumstances dictate; pre-college counseling to include admission, financial aid, and scholarship assistance; and career counseling, which is provided in conjunction with Individual Learning Plan.




Transfer Students

 Students transferring into and out of the McLean County System must be aware of possible loss of credits.  Transfer students from schools that require less credits for graduation than MCHS will proceed under a pro-rated formula for graduation.



Eligibility for Participation in Athletics *

 Eligibility:  A student must meet the age and credit requirements of the Kentucky High School  Athletic Association.

 Weekly Eligibility:  Academic eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis and is accumulative throughout the semester.  A student/athlete must be passing four of their six classes to be eligible to compete in an athletic program.  If a student/athlete is failing any more classes, they will be declared ineligible for a seven-day period beginning the Monday following the eligibility reports.  The student/athlete will be required to go to all practices, but will not participate in any athletic contests while ineligible.  It is the coach’s discretion whether an ineligible athlete can be with the team on the sideline/bench during an athletic contest.  Weekly eligibility will start the first Friday after school starts.

 Semester Eligibility:  An athlete will be ineligible from semester grades if they have two or more failing semester grades.  The athlete will not be permitted to practice for the first week of the following semester.  However, if the weekly eligibility reports shows all grades passing, then the student/athlete may participate in team practices, but may not participate in games until the end of the third competitive week.


NAIA Eligibility Center opened in Fall 2010

 Beginning the fall of 2010. students who wish to participate in athletics at a member institution will need to be certified by the NAIA Eligibility Center to qualify academically and be cleared as an eligible student-athlete for competition beginning in 2011.  The NAIA Eligibility Center website – will launch in April, with registration starting September 1.  First-time NAIA participants – high school students, transfers from non-NAIA schools and those who have never participated in athletics at an NAIA-member school – must register with online service.


Colleges/Universities that require registration with NAIA

 Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes

Asbury University, Wilmore

Berea College, Berea

Brescia College, Owensboro

Campbellsville University, Campbellsville

University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg

Georgetown College, Georgetown

Kentucky Christian University, Grayson

Mid-Continent University, Mayfield

Midway College, Midway

Pikeville College, Pikeville

St. Catherine College, St. Catherine

Union College, Barbourville