Nutritional Food Science  

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Nutritional Food Science is a course that has a variety of applications to everyday life. The content in this course is directed toward providing students with knowledge of the various concepts and relationships between nutrition and science. Scientific methods are used to conduct laboratory experiments with food, applying both biology and chemistry principles. Students explore career possibilities in the field of food science. Leadership development will be provided through the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) student organization

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    Start by opening up google chrome browsers.  Then on either the school or district website.  Then scroll down the left side to the bottom of the column and select "Google Login".  Select student login and login to google using your school email address and password, (just like logging in to school email account).  Once you are there, you will type in the search bar.  You will be directed to Google Classroom.  Once there you will click on the + at the top right corner.  This will allow you type in join codes for classes. Then type in our classes join code.

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    Class Code:  ljj3ru

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