AP European History  

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AP European History examines European History from the High Middle Ages to Present day Europe.  The class examines history through five themes: Interaction of Europe and the World; Poverty and Prosperity; Objective Knowledge and Subjective vision; States and other Instruments of Power; and Individuals and Society.  The class also develops historical skills in four areas: Choronological Reasoning, Comparison and Contextualization, Creating Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence, and Historical Interpretation and Synthesis.  Using skills and analysis, students will work through European History by examining graphs, charts, photos, maps, primary documents, and secondary accounts.  Students in AP Classes demonstrate their skills by completeing a comprehensive AP test in May of each school year.  This course is meant for students that are self-motivated and have a thirst of history and historical analysis.  Students should also have college level writing skills and research skills.

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