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This course provides opportunities for students with an interest in teaching to develop skills, strategies, and techniques used for instruction at various grade levels for a diverse population of student learners. Instruction addresses the principles and procedures for promoting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children, adolescents and developmentally appropriate practices in educational settings. Students will gain work experience in classrooms with certified teachers as part of their course work. Other components include the development of a four-year post-secondary plan, KTIP (KY Teacher Internship Program) and TPA requirements, KY Code of Ethics and educational pedagogy. Leadership experiences will be provided through various extra/co-curricular student organizations.

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    To access google classroom from PC:

    Start by opening up google chrome browsers.  Then on either the school or district website.  Then scroll down the left side to the bottom of the column and select "Google Login".  Select student login and login to google using your school email address and password, (just like logging in to school email account).  Once you are there, you will type in the search bar.  You will be directed to Google Classroom.  Once there you will click on the + at the top right corner.  This will allow you type in join codes for classes. Then type in our classes join code.

    To access google classroom from Mobile Device:

    You will want to download the Google Classroom app.  This app can be used on both Samsung and iPhone mobile devices.  After downloading the app you will login to Google using your school email address and password.  Once you are in the app, you will add a classroom by clicking on the + sign and then you will be able to type in the class join code.


    Classroom Code: acnmxfm



    You will need to sign up for a Savings Schools Mini Course within  Click on the following link to access the page.  Please be sure that you email me you log-in and password so we can retrieve it if necessary.

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