McLean County High School 

                                                                   1859 Highway 136 East                         

                               Calhoun, KY. 42327

                                         (270) 273-5278 

McLean County High School Mission Statement:

The mission of McLean County High School is to provide a safe, motivating, and challenging environment (through the shared commitment of the home, community, school, and students) so that each student may attain his or her potential.


At McLean County High School, we focus on a “Kids First” attitude. We strive to foster a family atmosphere while maintaining a dedication to learning.


Counseling Services:

A variety of counseling services is available at MCHS. These services include individual and group counseling with referral to outside agencies where circumstances dictate; pre-college counseling to include admission, financial aid, and scholarship assistance; and career counseling, which is provided in conjunction with MCHS Advisee Time and the Family Resource Center.


A comprehensive testing program is available through the guidance office. The testing program includes providing application materials and interpreting test results and is some cases, administering tests. Tests available through the guidance department include the ACT, ACT PLAN, ASVAB, SAT, and PSAT.


Requirements of Class Standing

A minimum number of credits must be completed for grade classification at McLean County High School:

Seniors classification, 20 credits

Junior classification, 12 credits

Sophomores classification, 5 credits

Transfer Students:

Transfer students from schools that require fewer credits for graduation than MCHS will proceed under a pro-rated formula for graduation.


Report Cards/Progress Reports

McLean County High School utilizes nine-week grading periods. Report cards are mailed home approximately one week following the end of the nine-week grading period.


Progress reports are distributed to students at the midpoint of each nine-week grading period (after 4 ½ weeks of instruction). Progress report copies are available from individual teachers and the guidance office.


Student Organizations The following student organizations are available to each student: Art Club, Champions Against Drugs,

JROTC Corps of Cadets, Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), National Beta Club, History Club, Science Club, Future Business Leaders (FBLA), Spanish Club, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Student Council, Family, Career, and Community Leaders (FCCLA), Yearbook Staff, Drama Club, Y-Club





Weighted Curriculum:

Pre-Calculus                         AP History of Europe                         AP Biology                            AP Language

AP Calculus AB                   AP History of U.S.                               AP Chemistry                       AP Literature

AP Statistics                          AP Government                  


Grading System

The following grading system is utilized at McLean County High School

Grading                                                Unweighted G.P.A.                                             Weighted G.P.A

Scale                                                        Quality Points                                                     Quality Points

A  90-100                                                    A = 4.0                                                                    A = 5.0

B  80-89                                                      B = 3.0                                                                    B = 4.0

C  70-79                                                      C = 2.0                                                                    C = 3.0

D  60-69                                                      D = 1.0                                                                    D = 2.0

F  Below 60                                                 F = 0                                                                        F = 0


Class ranking is computed by averaging the above-listed values. All credit-bearing courses through the second semester of the senior year are included in the computation.                     



McLean County High School                                                                          Pre-College Curriculum


 Graduation Requirements                             


Subject                                Credits

Language Arts/English                4

Mathematics                                3                                        Language Arts: 4 credits: English 9,10,11,12

Science                                       3                             

Social Studies                             3                                       Mathematics: 3 credits: Algebra I, II, and Geometry

History & Appreciation of Visual                                                                   

   And Performing Arts                 1                                       Science: 3 credits to include Introduction to

Health                                         ½                                                         Chemistry and Physics, Biology, 

Physical Education                     ½                                                          and Chemistry

                                                                                          Social Studies: U. S. History and 2 credits from the 
                                                                                                                   following content areas:

                                                                                                                   economics, government, world

                                                                                                                   geography, and world

Electives                                    13                                                              civilization


Total Credits Required for                                                    Health: ½ credit

Regular Students                        28                       

                                                                                            Physical Education: ½ credit

Total Credits Required for

Vocational Students after 1                                                  History & Appreciation of Visual and Performing

Year at Vocational School          26                                      Arts: 1 credit: History & Appreciation of Visual

                                                                                                                            Performing Arts or another arts course that

                                                                                             incorporates such content

Total Credits Required for                                                     Foreign Language: 2 credits or demonstrated

Vocational Students after 2                                                  completion                                                  

Year at Vocational School         28                                       Electives: 11 credits (5 rigorous*)   


                                                                                             * Rigorous electives should have academic content

                                                 at least as challenging as that of courses

                                                                                                  required in the minimum high school graduation

                                                                                                  requirement. See guidance office for more 
                                                complete details.