Music Department





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Grade Level:  9-12

Prerequisite:  Incoming freshman must have participated in a middle school band program prior to enrolling in this class.   Upper-classmen must have been enrolled in a band class in grade levels 9, 10, or 11.

Course Description:  This course teaches music through group performance.  It is an ensemble of woodwind, brass and percussion players organized to study, rehearse, and perform the following repertory: Marching Band (competitive and parade), Pep Band (football and basketball), Concert Band (winter/spring concerts, district concert festival), as well as Solo and Ensemble literature (district solo and ensemble festival).

Student Expectations for Band

1.  Develop technical playing skills

2.  Improve quality of tone production

3.  Develop listening skills

4.  Improve sight-reading skills

5.  Learn and review basic concepts of music theory

6.  Introduce and perform different styles of literature

7.  Engage in multiple performance opportunities

8.  Develop physical coordination and performance skills

9.  Develop higher order thinking as it pertains to music

10. Develop leadership skills through student interaction