Graduation Requirements



Graduation Requirements

(Beginning with Class of 2012)


Subject                                                   Credits                   Courses

Language Arts/English                                 4                         English I, II, III, IV (To include the content strands of

                                                                                                reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing,

                                                                                                inquiry, conventions, analysis, and using technology

                                                                                                as a communication tool.  Language arts shall be taken

                                                                                                each year of high school.)

Social Studies                                               3                         Credits to include the content strands of historical

                                                                                                perspective, including US History, Geography,

                                                                                                Economics, Government and Civics, and Cultures

                                                                                                and Societies.

Mathematics                                                 3                         Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II (An integrated,

                                                                                                applied, interdisciplinary or technical/occupational

                                                                                                course that prepares a student for a career path based

                                                                                                on the student’s Individual Learning Plan may be

                                                                                                substituted for a traditional Algebra I, Geometry or

                                                                                                Algebra II course on an individual student basis if the

                                                                                                course meets the content standards in the program of

                                                                                                studies.  Pre-Algebra shall not be counted as one of the

                                                                                                three required Mathematics credits for high school

                                                                                                graduation but may be counted as an elective.)

                                                                                                Mathematics shall be taken each year of high school.

Science                                                         3                         Credits shall incorporate lab-based scientific investi-

                                                                                                gation experiences and include the content strands of

                                                                                                biological science, physical science, earth and space

                                                                                                science, and unifying concepts.

Health                                                           ½                        Credit to include the content strands of individual well-

                                                                                                being, consumer decision, personal wellness, mental

                                                                                                wellness, and community services.

Physical Education                                    ½                            Credit to include the content strands of personal well-

                                                                                                ness, psychomotor, and lifetime activity.

Visual and Performing Arts                      1                              History and appreciation of visual and performing arts

                                                                                                or a performing arts course which incorporates  such

                                                                                                content (Credit to include the content strands of arts,

                                                                                                dance, music, theatre, and visual arts or a standarts-

                                                                                                based specialized arts course based on the student’s

                                                                                                Individual Learning Plan.)

Electives                                                  13                            Academic and career interest standards-based learning

                                                                                                experiences (to include four (4) standards-based

                                                                                                learning experiences in an academic or career interest

                                                                                                based on the student’s Individual Learning Plan; and

                                                                                                Demonstrated performance based competency in



TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED                     28                      For graduation from McLean County

FOR REGULAR STUDENTS                                                 High School.


TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED                     26                      For graduation from MCHS while

FOR VOCATIONAL STUDENTS                                           attending 1 year at OCTC


TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED                     24                      For graduation from MCHS while

FOR VOCATIONAL STUDENTS                                           attending 2 years OCTC (JR/SR)










Language Arts                                                                        4 credits: English 9, 10, 11 and


Mathematics                                                                           3 credits: Algebra I, II, and


                                                                                            A math class must be taken every year                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Science                                                                               3credits: Credits shall incorporate lab-based scienctific investigation

                                                                                            experiences and include the content strands of biological science

                                                                                              physical science, earth and space science and unifying concepts .

History and Appreciation                                                  1 credit: History and

of Visual and Performing Arts                                            appreciation of visual and

                                                                                            performing arts or another

                                                                                            arts course that incorporates

                                                                                            such content.

 Foreign Language                                                                  2 credits or demonstrated competency 


Electives                                                                                 11 credits (5 rigorous)