Flood Concerns

I know that many have questions about school closings due to high water across the county.  Mr. Riggs and I continue to monitor the situation closely, working with McLean County Emergency Managment officials and using data on road closings from both present sources and historical records.  Our goal is obviously to keep students in school where they are safe and monitored.  I do understand that we have several roads that currently have water over them and many which are impassible.  We have re-routed buses and will continue to do so for as long as we can safely do so. 

I have had several questions pop up on Facebook questioning whether or not student absences will be excused due to inability to get to school?  Certainly, if leaving one's home puts students at risk, then parent notes will be extended and absences excused, but what is not acceptible is missing school and then being seen driving around the county or playing in the back-water.  This should be a decision made by the parent in the intrest of safety for the individual child and family.  Again, I will continue to closely monitor water levels, road closings, and using historical information from previous school closings due to high water.  As of this moment, river levels are expected to rise to 32ft by mid afternoon tomorrow.  In the past, water levels beyond 32 ft have forced school closings.  Forecast models show a river crest of 33 ft on Friday, so I feel confident in our ability to have classes tomorrow based on the data that I have right now.  I will be up late, and up again early, early to re-evaluate the situation, as will Mr. Riggs.  I promise that student safety will be the driving force in any decision that is made. 

I will update this page with changing news, but as of 8:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27th, we will be holding classes on Thursday, April 28th and students will be expected to be in attendance unless extreme circumstances prevent.

Thank you,

Tres Settle

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