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Home School – KRS 159.160 Attendance at private and parochial schools.
Parents of children who are home schooled are required to do the following:
1.        Notify the superintendent of the local school board in writing of their intent to home school their child(ren) each year they home school: the letter must include the name, ages and residence of each child in attendance of the home school.
2.       Record and maintain scholarship reports of each student’s progress in all subjects taught at the same intervals as the local public schools.
3.       Keep accurate attendance records of pupil attendance; the attendance records can be kept either in a notebook, on a computer or in another manner, but must be readily available in case of an inquiry
4.       Be open to inspection by directors of pupil personnel.
A.       KRS 159.040 gives the director of pupil personnel the authority in his/her district to investigate any case of violating the compulsory attendance laws.
B.      KRS 159.040 also states that the purpose for a director of pupil personnel visiting a home school is to ensure that the requirements of compulsory attendance are being met and not to determine the quality of the instruction. This inspection of school records may be conducted in a neutral site rather than in the home.
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