The transportation department ensures safe travel for students to and from school as well as extra curricular activities.  The department provides maintenance to the busses and ensures that they are functioning according to state standards.






McLean County Bus Garage
2059 Hwy 136 E
Calhoun, KY 42327
Phone: 273-5887
Transportation Director – Ashley Troutman
Assistant Transportation Director – Bridgette DeGraef
Head Mechanic – Kevin Knott





2012 – 13 McLean County Bus Drivers, Monitors and Routes



Special Needs Buses


Number    Driver                        Monitor                      Location _

2021         Lisa Munoz                Darlene Stewart       BG/Cal/HS/MS

2409         Van Ashton               Judy Mapes                Liv/HS/MS

1022         Joanna Moore          Ronda Burden            Sac/Isl/Liv/HS/MS


Regular Route Buses


Number    Driver                           Monitor                      Location  

2207         Nashau McElwain       Joy England                Cal. Headstart

9904         Tab Cook                      Pattie Edmonds         Liv. Headstart

20             Joanna Moore              Judy Mapes                Cal. Headstart

1126         Michelle Smith             Carolyn Hunt             Liv. Headstart

1430         David Peveler                N/A                             Sac. Headstart/Sac

1329         Bridgette DeGraef        N/A                             Cal/BG/HS/MS

2408         Rhonda King                  N/A                              Liv/HS/MS

2510         Eddie Mapes                 N/A                              Cal/HS/MS

2712         Lynn Doss`                     N/A                              Sac/HS/MS

2714         Jene Jackson                  N/A                              Is/Liv/HS/MS

2816         Jeff Knight                      N/A                              BG/Cal/HS/MS

2919         Melissa Morris               N/A                              Is/Liv/HS/MS

2920         Kathy Dame                    N/A                              Rum/Cal

1023         Jennifer Ferguson          N/A                              BG/Cal/HS/MS

1024         Scott Glenn                     N/A                               Cal/HS/MS

1125         Allan Stokes                    N/A                               Sac/HS/MS

1126         Michelle Smith               N/A                              Liv/HS/MS

1227         Peggy Crabtree              N/A                               Cal/BG

1228         Laura Ramburger           N/A                               Liv/HS/MS

Substitute Drivers

Donna Ellis
JT Ratliff