Lunch Menus

* MCMS students will be allowed a maximum of one (1) charges at a given time on reimbursable meals only.  No charges will be allowed on ala-carte items.          
* MCMS students with one (1)  unpaid charges will be served an alternative non-reimbursable meal until all charges are paid. 
* Charge students must be recorded on the line at the register or at an earlier designated time on a charge sheet.                                             
* Any unpaid account may be forwarded for collection through the court system. 
LINKS -Parents can make school meal account payments using a major credit card or debit card, PayPal account or eCheck.  Allows parents to see their child's current meal account balances.  Lets parents print out a report of the last 30 days of transactions for their child. Secure online payment processing is handled by PayPal.  The only cost for this function is a 3.5%+$.30 transaction fee.  No charge to parents for printing a report of the last 30 days transactions for their child.  Automatic email notification to parent of low balance.  Provides parents the ability to prepay from any Internet accessible computer.
For more information contact: Vicki Hughes, School Food Service Director, at 270-273-5257