Principal's Message



Welcome to McLean County Middle School where we are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach, teach, challenge, and prepare our students for their futures.  We will work hard every day to do what is best for the overall improvement of your child.  It is our commitment to provide a sound education, both academically and socially, while meeting the needs of both our individual students and our student body collectively.


We appreciate the opportunity to help mold and shape your students to reach their highest potential through challenges and determination.  It is our intention to provide your child with quality education with the use of up-to-date teaching methods, strategies, and best practices.   

We urge you to be involved with your child's education and development as a whole and ask that you support open communication between home and school.  We will do our very best to keep you informed of the progress and development of your child, as well as the activities and events here within our school.


This is going to be A GREAT YEAR!!  




Karen Solise, Principal   





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