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Superintendent Vacancy
Pension Reform Press Conference
Teacher of the Month for December/January Coach Sartain
Teacher of the Month for January Mrs. Williams
Does your child need a dentist?

The UK College of Dentistry is coming to your child's  school this year!

Christmas Door Decorations

On December 13th, a panel of students wil judge all decorated doors and determine all winners. The individual teacher that wins will recieve a $25 gift certificate to Walmart AND 2 extra jean days.

Doors will be judged on the following:

  • Wintery Theme
  • Appeal
  • Creativity



Christmas Break

 The last day of school before Christmas break is December the 16th. 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Subsidy: November 1 - December 9, 2016

Crisis: January 9 - March 31, 2017 (or until funds have been expended)

In Honor Of Our Veterans!

Hello MCMS Families!

Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day will take place on Friday, September 30th.

Paragon Fundraiser

Paragon products from our fundraiser need to be picked up Monday, September 26th, IMMEDIATELY after school.

Student Voice Survey

Our students will be participating in the Student Voice Survey at MCMS starting Friday, September 23rd. It is an anonymous survey where students get to answer questions about their teachers.  It presents an opportunity for your child to be heard.

Parents, we have sent home a passive permission slip.  You only need to sign this if you DO NOT want your child to participate in the student voice survey. 

Saulyer Logsdon at the state fair with his winning hogs.

   Saulyer Logsdon and his hogs at the state fair.

Student Spotlight

McLean County Middle School Student wins local talent show!

Student Spotlight

MCMS is represented at the Kentucky State Fair.

Picture Day

Just a reminder: School Picture Day is Wednesday, August 31st.

MCMS Teacher of the Month Leslie Turner

MCMS is proud to announce the second recipient of the Teacher of the Month for the 2016-2017 school year!

MCMS Lunch Menu

By clicking on the Lunch Menu tab, you will have access to the MCMS lunch calendar.  The current lunch calendar runs until January 2017.

New Bell Schedule at MCMS

There will be a slight change in the bell schedule starting Monday, August 29th.  Click on the link to get an updated MCMS schedule.  

MCMS 8th Grade Supply List

8th Grade

2- Composition notebooks (Reading)

2- 3 subject notebooks (Reading, Social Studies)

1- package colored pencils

2- packages of construction paper (Language Arts)

4- packages of graph paper (replace as needed)

4- packages of loose leaf paper (replace as needed)

3- packages of No. 2 lead pencils (no mechanical pencils please)

1- Lg. package of cap erasers

1- single subject notebook (Social Studies)

2- bottles of Elmer’s glue (Reading)

1 pair of earbuds/ headphones

Optional 1- Calculator: TI83, TI84, or TI 30XII (TI 84 preferred)


*All grade levels will need a pair of clean tennis shoes for when they have PE. These do not need to be new, but clean to protect the gym floor


MCMS 7th Grade Supply List

7th grade

3 - 1 ½ inch binders (1 English, 1 Math, 1 Social Studies)

1- 10 pack of full size poster board (Social Studies)

1- package of washable markers (Social Studies)

5- packages of at least 5 tab dividers (1 Math)

4- packages loose leaf college ruled paper

3- packages graph paper

3- Lg. packages of No. 2 lead pencils

1- Lg. package of cap erasers (Math)

1- Composition notebook (Reading)

1- pair of earbuds/headphones

1- small package of construction paper (Reading)

1 pocket folder (English)

Optional 1- Calculator: TI 30


*All grade levels will need a pair of clean tennis shoes for when they have PE. These do not need to be new, but clean to protect the gym floor

MCMS 6th Grade Supply List

6th grade

2- 2inch 3 ring binder (1 Math, 1 Science)

2- set of binder tab dividers (at least 5 dividers)

2- packages loose leaf lined paper

3- packages graph paper

3- Lg. packages of No. 2 pencils

1- single subject spiral notebook

1-package of markers

5- folders with pockets

1- package of red pens

2- Composition notebooks (1 English, 1 Reading)

1- pair of earbuds/ headphones

1- 3 pack of glue sticks

Optional 1- calculator: TI 30


Teacher Wish List: Disinfectant Wipes

*All grade levels will need a pair of clean tennis shoes for when they have PE. These do not need to be new, but clean to protect the gym floor

MCMS Health Assessments
Science Class Goes SKY HIGH






MCMS Food Drive Results
Cougar Cheerleaders Take 2nd Place at KAPOS!!
OverDrive Digital Library

A partnership has been formed between McLean County High and McLean County Middle Schools to subscribe to OverDrive services; giving our students access to eBooks and audiobooks.

Yearbooks are on sale!!!!
2015 Teachers Pet Contest



MCMS has raised money for the Humane Society. Everyone in MCMS had the chance to donate money, and many participated. We had the idea to have teachers bring in their pet’s picture. We placed these pictures on jars, and set them out in the lunch room making voting available to all. MCMS students and staff donated by placing money in teacher’s pet jars. This fundraiser took place the week of February 9th- 13th. We were able to raise $234.10 from the help of student and staff at MCMS. There are many purposes for us participating in this activity. One reason for participating is to be able to learn and apply financial literacy skills. While learning, our hopes were to raise money for our local animal shelter. We collected all the money from each jar and the winning teachers’ pet jar goes to, Mrs. Suzie Rickard and her pets, her pets Frankie, Cash, Molly, and Charlie.

Extended School Services
Archery Shoot-off

Congratulations to Cassie Barnett for winning the Archery Shoot-off two years in a row.  Tyler Free placed second, and Charlee Settle finished third.

The following students scored the highest in their individual classrooms.





8th Grade Financial Literacy Gives Back

Mrs.Howard's Financial Literacy class raised $243.10 for the McLean County Animal Shelter. Great Job Students!

2015-16 Calendar Approved

At the December 18th board meeting, the school board approved the 2015-2016 school calendar. Please feel free to use this document to make vacation plans for the up-coming year.





Homework help

Beginning after Christmas Break, Homework Help will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  It will no longer take place on Friday mornings.  

So, After Christmas, Homework Help will be Monday and Wednesday 3:00-3:45 in the library.

Sixth Grade Kentucky Colonels Showcase


Students from McLean County who placed in written assessment-

Language arts -4th - Sebastian Smith

                         2nd- Aaron Ring

Mathematics - 3rd - Gracie Ratliff

                       2nd - Ethan Kelly

Science - 4th - Rebecca Schwartz

               3rd - Zane Stacy

               1st - James Hackett

Social Studys - 3rd - Mallory Tindle

Arts & Humanities - 1st - Aaron Ring

Mclean County  Middle placed 2nd in quick recall (losing to Bever Dam), and placed 2nd overall for the entire shwcase.                           

Education Support Professionals (ESP)

Education support professionals keep the school running behind the scenes. They put out effort and do the little thngs that are important to MCMS. The ESP for this month is Stacy Mae. She has a son named cody who is 28 years old. She has been involved at MCMS for 11 years. One thing she enjoys is working around kids. MCMS wouldn't be as successful without people like her. 

McLean 7th & 8th Graders Playing for State Title

By: Don Wilkins from Messenger Inquirer

First time football program has been eligable to compete in tournament. 

   CALHOUN-- The McLean Middle School Cougars football seventh- and eighth-grade teams have earned their way into the postseason with a chance to play for their first state title. 

   According to head coach Bobby Cline, " It was joining the Kentucky Middle School Football Association this year that made the MCMS program eligable for the state tournament. "I talked to other coaches about "joining" and we did some investigation." said Cline. Who is in his third year as head coach of the middle school team. "We liked what we saw...They have camps for the kids that are invitation only for members. Last year, they held a quarterback and reciever camp at the University of Louisville and had some big-name guys come to work with them." 




Educational Service Provider

Educational Service Providers are people behind the scenes who make the school work. This is Kayla Edds. She is married and has a three year old named cole. She is in college and is fluent in sign language. She is a big UK fan. We would like to thank her for helping the students when they need help. 


Extended School Services (ESS)

Need extra help with homework? Extended School Services starts in September. It will be on Wednesdays after school from 3-3:45 and on Fridays before school from 7-7:45. No transportation will be provided. 


Students in Ms. Austin's 6th grade math class  are Rolling for the GCF and LCM

Schawns Food Partners With Sacramento PTO

Starting September 1st we will be partnering with Schwans to raise money for the PTO. Be sure to share this with all your friends and family. We can benefit from any sale in the U.S. As long as they use our campaign ID number.
For more details on how you can get involved and and to obtain an ID number, go to the link below.


Jamie Utt

On Tuesday August 26,  Jamie Utt will be visiting MCMS. He is the founder and director of education at CiviSchools: Building Bullying-Free Culture. He has 10 years experience working with all ages to help them build more inclusive environments where every person feels safe." Jamie is good at getting students to begin conversation about difficult and uncomfortable topics in a way that students respond." -Wendy Sellgman. We hope that the students will learn a good lesson from him and we appreciate him taking his time to come and talk to us. 

Attendance Reward System

Attendance Reward System

Attending school consistently has a positive effect on the level of success studentswill experience.  McLean County Middle  is making efforts to recognize and reward students for having great attendance. This year there will be two educational field trips offered for students with great attendance. These field trips will be completely free for students, and are way of saying thank you to parents and students for actively pursuing a high attendance record.



Trip one: Mammoth Cave Tour


  - Miss only one day of school between August  11th and November 25th



Trip Two: National Corvette Museum and Plant Tour


        -Miss only one day of school between January 5th  and March 27th


 Missing 1 day of school is high a expectation, but  it is important to set high goals for one's self and to push hard to reach these goals.  Having great attendance at school is a wonderful way for students to push for success. In addition to these trips we will be recognizing students with outstanding monthly attendance on our school website.


Thanks in advance for all your support.


 All the faculty and staff of McLean County Middle School. 

OCTC Summer Academies


The FIRST Lego League (FLL) academy is for students age 9 – 14 and the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) academy is for high school students.
Plastic Egg Genetics!

Students in Mrs.William's 8th grade science class have been conducting a genetics experiment with plastic eggs. They used Punnett squares to predict possible genotypes and phenotypes an offspring could posses. 



Reality Store

8th grade students participated in Reality Store on Friday April 4th. They were given a job and family situation. They used budgeting skils to pay bills like the real world for one month. Click below to see more pictures!

Top Archery Awards


1st place Cassie Barnett 7th grade
2nd place Mary Ann Ellis 8th grade
3rd place Braydon Bishop 6th grade
4th place Hallie Geary 6th grade
5th place Trenton Render 7th grade
6th place Gretchen Vandiver  8th grade


Getting a groove in math!

Kids played a dancing game by jumping on different angle pairs formed by two lines and a transversal in math class.


Click above to see videos.

Engineering Adventure!


George Phelps, an engineer from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, visited Mrs. Crumbaker's STEM class to share about the career of engineering with the students.  He also led them through a design challenge in which groups of students were to build a boat from a single sheet of aluminum foil.  The students then tested their boats by counting the number of pennies the boat could hold before sinking.  The winning total was 44 pennies!

Art Contest Winners

Math in Farming

Students in Mrs. J. Howard's Practical math class applied math to farming. Students measured the volumes of different grain bins, as well as the volume of a kernel of corn to predict how many kernels of corn would fit in one of our grain bins. There was discussion on how farmers used this math on a regular basis. In these pictures, students are trying to see if their predictions were correct.

Hunter Ed Course


There will be a hunter education course held at Mclean County High School March 27, 28, and 29. Anyone intersted needs to register at Course details are listed there as well



Last week several students from the Elementary Schools came to the Middle School where the chess club taught them how to play chess.


Physics Through Golf!


Students in Mrs.Williams science class used physics and trigonometry in order to find the perfect hole in one. 



Click Read More to see more pictures!

Shakespeare Alive

Louisville Shakespeare group presented history of the United States to 8th graders.

March 13th...

On March 13th there will be an art show in the library. There will also be an ILP learning session and parent teacher confernces.

Report Cards!

Report Cards will go out on Tuesday March the 4th.

Tips for Parents of Middle Schoolers

Making the most of class time

How your child spends his time in class can make a difference in how much he learns and what grades he gets. Share these practical ways for getting the most out of each class. 



February Students of the Month

8th Grade- Madison Sallee & James Cross


7th Grade- Justin Capps & Myla Scott

6th Grade- Sidney Love and Ryan Kessinger


MCMS 7th grade Skype with Author, Mac Barnett

Author Mac Barnett Visited 6th Grade Book Club

On Friday, January 31, the 7th grade students participated in a Skype video chat with author Mac Barnett. Barnett has written fourteen books for both children and young adults. Students became familiar with one of Barnett's books, Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem, earlier this school year in Mr. Thompson's English class. Some students had the opportunity to personally ask Barnett their own questions about his life and writing career. Barnett ended the 45-minute chat by reading Billy Twitters to the students.


Click 'Read More' to see more pictures.


Students of all three grades have been completing labs this week in Science class!

District Calendar Adjustments Needed For Snow Days
Board Games!


8th Grade students in Mrs.Peek's English class reviewed for their vocabulary test through playing board games on Wednesday!

New Macs!


Students in Mr.Gray's class have been selling candy bars since October to raise money for new Macs.

January 21st and February 14th Designated as Make-up Days
Guest Speaker!


    6th grade Geography students were fortunate to have Fred (Fredrico) visit Tuesday, 12/10/13. Fred is an exchange student from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He told the students about his culture and answered their many questions. Thanks Fred!


Band Concert: Tuesday, December 10th
6th Grade Nutrition

6th Graders Love Their Oreos!


Students in Ms. Austin's sixth grade math class participated in the Oreo stacking contest as part of a mastery activity from the Statisics unit. The data from each Oreo tower was recorded and then students found the Measures of Central Tendency and Variation of the data collected.

Rescheduled: Breakfast with Santa


The Beta Club is hosting breakfast and pictures with Santa.


When:  December 17th from 5:00 p.m to 7:30 p.m.


Where:  McLean County High School


Ticket Prices:  $7.00 - 11 and above

                              $5.00 - 5-10

                              Free - 4-under (with purchase of adult breakfast)


Purchase tickets at:  First Security Bank - Calhoun & Livermore

                                          Sacramento Deposit Bank

4H sponsoring 3rd annual Body Walk

4H is sponsoring a Body Walk for the 6th grade students at McLean County Middle school.  Each year, volunteers from our local health professionals, sponsor a station to teach how choices we make affect our bodies.  This is our 3rd year and will take place on November 19th in the gym. 

Click 'Read More' to see pictures.



MathCounts will be taking place on Fridays from 3-3:45 in Mrs. Jill Howards room.

Charlee Settle and Tanner Wilkerson chosen as MCMS 6th grade students of the month.
Nikolas DeLaCruz and Josee Hightower named 7th grade students of the month.
Historic Heroes


The 8TH grade Historic Hero Museum was held October 4TH.  Students researched a person from American history and had to complete a project.  They were responsible for writing an argumentative letter to a museum, prepare a gravestone with an epitaph, complete a timeline, and have a costume and prop that represented their person from history.

Martha Briones & Chase Bennett named October Students of the month.
MCMS Choir Performed At Town Square Mall


The MCMS Choir performed at Town Square Mall Thursday. They did amazing, and we look foward to seeing what they do next.


Click "Read More" for more information.

Plate Lab in Science


Students in Mrs. Crumbaker's science class modeled plate tectonics using fruit roll ups (ocean plate), graham crackers (continental plate), and frosting (asthenosphere).  As students manipulated these items to show four types of plate boundaries, they wrote in their notebooks comparing what they modeled to what happens at the plate boundaries on earth. 


Pictured:  This student is showing an ocean plate undergoing subduction as the continental plate flows over it.

MCMS Teacher of The Month

Mrs. Thomasson


Mrs. Thomasson has been a part of the school since it first opened. She took materials from the 3 schools to make one library. She says that her goal for the students is to enjoy reading. She believes that if the students enjoy reading, they will start thinking of it as less of a chore, and it will start helping them in their daily lives. 

MCMS Football Video

This is a presentation made by some of the eighth grade football players of MCMS. They have had a great season, fighting hard in every game. We hope to have a winning season. Thanks for all of the support!

Mrs. Cartwright Will Not Be Able To Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, September 19th. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cartwright will not be avaliable for conferencing on this date. If you feel that you do need to dicuss your child's progress in Reading, Mrs. Cartwright will be avaliable to conference on September 23 and 26 from 3-6 pm. There is no appointment necessary. Just stop by her classroom at your convenience.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

MCMS is supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness for the month of September.  Each Friday in the month of September we are wearing gold or a childhood cancer awareness shirt to show our support. 

We invite you to wear gold with us, and show your support.

Constructing Through Science


Students in Mrs. Crumbakers 6th Grade class who earned Mastery on their unit about the factors that make the Earths surface change participated in a Mastery activity. For this activity, students created a model of the earth from clay.  They were assessed on accuracy, neatness, and complexity as they explained their models.  

8th grade Class Rings

Attention 8th graders, the Balfour Representative will be here on Friday, September 13th @ 9:00am. to take class ring orders.  All 8th graders should have received a ring packet during their group meeting.  Extra packets are available in the office if needed.  Please bring your order form and a $25 minimum deposit to school with you on Friday, Septmeber 13th.  Any questions, please call the Balfour Office at 270-527-6654.

Accelerated Reading Contest


The Accelerated Reading Contest will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd, and will last until Monday, April 14. The competition will be based on the scores from each individual student grades 6-8. The overall winner will be the student that has the highest number of accelerated reading points within the time frame. Periodically the names of the top readers will be posted.


Click "Read More" for more information.

MCMS top 49 TELL Honorable Mention school

On Friday, August 30, the Commissioner of Education communicated
congratulations to McLean County Middle School.  Our school has been selected as one of forty-nine Honorable Mentions regarding teaching conditions, school safety, and student achievement.  After passing four Phases, an advisory team reviewed and selected forty-nine explemary schools across the state, aiming for seven schools in each of the State Board/Judicial Districts.  From these forty-nine Honorable Mentions, one school in each of Kentucky's State Board/Judicial District will be awarded the Winners' Circle honors on September 30 at the Continuous Improvement Summit in Louisville.  These outstanding schools with excellent TELL Survey results and student achievement will be recognized for their remarkable teaching and learning conditons during the opening session of the Summit.

Commodities Market

Mr. Howard, Mrs. Howards husband, visited her 5th period Financial Literacy class to talk about the Commodities Market

Pull Tab Competition

6th, 7th and 8th grade are competing to see who can collect the most.  You can help by collecting and sending to school with a middle school student.

Click above for more information about the Pull Tab Program.

We have an author in our midst!

We have an author in our midst!  Andrew Meade has written and published a book that is available for purchase on Amazon.  It is an action-packed Christian adventure, and we can’t wait for part two!


The Victor Part I: A novella (Volume 1)

Book Description:  Adir is a gladiator. He is revered for his killing, but after escaping his captivity, he is reduced to the gravest humility when he is helpless to save his own life. Then he does something he's never done before. He prays. His journey of faith and persecution will ultimately lead him back to the bloody sands of the arena where he will have to face his death with only a prayer to this unseen God.


Sixth Grade United…On Fire for Distinguished!


Sixth Grade United…On Fire for Distinguished!

Sixth Grade students were given a writing task to contribute ideas, a team/company logo, and company name to motivating sixth grade students to do their best on school work and as a sixth grade team. Two students submitted exceptional ideas worthy of recognition!


Lucas submitted the following logo design, which was chosen by the sixth grade teachers from all students who submitted proposals with logos. Lucas’s logo was brought to life on aprons each sixth grade teacher wore to inspire students during testing week to do their best.


From left to right: Mrs. Wigginton, Ms. Austin, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Peterson, and Mrs. Crumbaker

Click above for more information.

Yearbook Extra Sales

Extra yearbooks were ordered and are now on sale for $30.00. It is a first-come-first-serve-basis. If you are interested, see Mrs. Judy Kelley at the front desk.

Babysitting Clinic

Babysitting Clinic for the 6th grade will be held May 7-9.

D.A.R.E Graduation

D.A.R.E graduation for MCMS will be held May 6th at 6 P.M. in the gym.

7th Grade Movie

7th graders will be going to the movies to watch "The Croods" on Friday. They are taking this trip as a reward for their test scores last year.

April is Autism Awareness Month


The Accelerated Reader Point Club wrapped up the point contest on March 29.  There were fifty-nine students who participated, and they achieved a total of 5,889 points.   Prizes were given at each step along the way, and Sierra O’Nan was the overall winner. Her efforts have earned her either a new Kindle or an equivalent gift card. 

Mrs. Thomasson and Mr. Heflin challenge next year’s Point Club to break the 6000 point mark!

KPREP Pep Rally!

There will be a Pep Rally on April 26th to get the students ready for KPREP Testing.

Middle School Band Recriutments

Mr. Rue will be traveling to all the elementary schools on April 25 to try and recruit incoming 6th grade students to join band.

Rock-A-Teens Performance


The Rock-A-Teens are to perform on Friday, April 19th at Highland Elementary.

5th Graders and their Parents Invited!

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, MCMS will host an orientation meeting for next year's 6th graders and their parents.  It will begin at 6:00pm in the cafeteria.  You will have an opportunity to receive information about physicals, school supplies, and expectations.  Not to mention meet your teachers.



We need your support to strengthen our application for the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education grant from Monsanto.  This $25,000 grant will be used to purchase technology and expand field experiences in Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Math classes at MCHS.  Just click on the link above by midnight April 15 to complete the nomination form for  McLean County Public Schools. 



Students get a dose of reality

MCMS students balancing their checkbooks at the reality store.

Archery Competition Results

8th grade 2nd period:  Trevor Conrad with a score of 240 points out of 300.
8th grade 5th period:  Matthew Owen with a score of 244 points out of 300.

7th grade 4th period: Trenton Johnson with a score of 192 points out of 300.
7th grade 6th period: Rachel Smith with a score of 199 points out of 300.

6th grade 3rd period: Gracie Arnold with a score of 216 points out of 300.
6th grade 7th period: Trevor Tune with a score of 201 points out of 300.

Crusade for Children Pennies for Ipads

Twenty-seven Ipad2 devices were purchased and distributed to special education teachers and speech pathologists for the purpose of improving instruction and providing students with new and innovative ways for learning.  This opportunity was made possible through a $10,000 grant that was received from WHAS Crusade for Children.  The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for schools, agencies and hospitals to better the lives of special needs children. The Crusade is able to return 100% of all donations to organizations that serve special needs children in all 120 Kentucky counties and more than 50 southern Indiana counties through generous contributions of goods and services.  Millions of children have been helped by the Crusade since 1954.  Click above for more information.

MCMS students compete on 4H Livestock Team

This past weekend, the McLean County 4-H Livestock Team competed in the Clark County Livestock Judging Contest.  Members of the team are Stephen Hicks, Caleb Hatfield, Sam Bennett, Emma Dame, Kyler Parham and Isaac Caraway.  In the Junior Team Division they placed 1st in Swine and 2nd in Sheep.  In Junior Individual, Emma Dame got 9th in Beef, Sam Bennett got 7th in Swine and Kyler Parham got 8th in Beef, 4th in Swine, 5th in Sheep and 2nd Overall.  In Senior Individual, Isaac Caraway got 10th in Oral Reasons.

QR Codes in Math


First, students completed selected problems.  After completing a problem, the student would pick up an iPad, find the QR code labeled with the correct problem number, and scan it.  The scan revealed the correct answer to the problem.  Students had fun using technology to check their answers in a different way, plus they got to walk around.
Click above for more pictures
McLean County Middle School Recognized as a 2012 NCEA Higher Performing School

The National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA), a department of ACT, Inc., recognized McLean County Middle School as a 2012 NCEA Higher Performing School. McLean County Middle School received Higher Performing (HP) recognition in the following areas:

  • Growth in Writing
MCMS Cheerleaders National Champs!!

MCMS Cheerleaders attended Jamfest Nationals over the weekend in Louisville, KY. They performed on Saturday and Sunday and did an outstanding job! The cheerleaders won their middle school division and were named Grand Champions of all school teams after having the highest average score from both performances! We are so proud of our girls and  happy to bring two trophies and a banner back to MCMS! J Go Cougars!

Click above for more pictures


Click above to see the news.

Cooperative Group Project on Ancient Greece

Mrs. Bilbro's 7th grade Social Studies students working on the completion of posters for a Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Group Project on Ancient Greece.

Operation Preparation


Many community leaders came to the Middle School to talk to students about their future life plans.

Click above for pictures

Civil Engineer visits 6th grade Science


George Phelps, a civil engineer, visited Mrs. Crumbaker's Science Methods class to lead a lesson about Archimedes Principle and boat building.  Teams of students built boats from a single piece of aluminum foil.  The boats were to be designed to hold as many pennies as possible.  Mr. Phelps told the group that the record was 48 pennies.  These boys built a boat that held 49!  They are pictured here with their prize.
Two students go to State Academic meet

Two students represented McLean County Middle School in the State Academic Governor's Cup held March 16-18 in Louisvile. As regional winners, they did well in the State Finals. One student competed in socia studies written assesment, and the other student in English Composition. Congragulations to both young men!

Student goes to State Capitol

Click above for more information

Operation Preparation March 18-19

Operation Preparation is  a joint effort of Kentucky Department of Education and Department of Workforce Development. Operation Preperation is an initiative from Kentucky Department of Education to ensure every student is prepared for college and/or career by the time they graduate from High School. 21 community advisors will meet one on one with the 8th graders. Kentucky is preparing for the future. In the next 7-10 years more than half the jobs in Kentucky and more than 60% of the jobs nation wide will require either a 2 or 4 year degree.

Local Artist


Rod Austin, local carpenter and artist, visited MCMS to present current pieces of furniture that he designed and built. He stressed that in his work he includes both form and function into each piece he designs.

JROTC starts Leadership program at Middle School

The Cadets from the McLean County High School JROTC had a vision to start a Leadership Program at McLean County Middle School.  The program is lead and taught by cadets. 

Click above for more information

Shakespeare Education Program

McLean County Middle School would like to graciously thank the McLean County Educational Foundation for their contribution to help provide performances from the Kentucky Shakespeare Education Program for our students during the months of February and March 2013. Look for Living History: We the People on the school photo gallery for photos of the February 28 presentation.


EverFi provides financial and digital literacy software to the schools at no cost. THANK YOU EVERFI FOR THE LAPTOPS!!

Click above for more pictures


Glogster Presentations

Students in Mrs. Cartwright's 6th period Reading class used Glogster, a program designed to create digital posters for presentations, to demonstrate their learning of the themes found throughout a novel read in class.

Click above to see videos

Thank you America’s Farmers Grow Communities, Monsanto Fund!

Click above for more information

Students work on presentations about Ancient Greece.

7th grade students prepare for their presentation about Ancient Greece.

MCMS participates in MathCounts

Click above for more information

MCMS Art Students Study Ancient Cultures

Visit the website photo gallery to view the students' great sculptures of Medieval architecture and Chinese dragons, or stop by the media center for a closer look at the display.

MCMS Choir on Tour in McLean County

On February 12, 2013, MCMS choir performed for the public.  The house was packed and the audience was pleased at their performance. 

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, the choir will be on tour, performing for Livermore Senior Citizens, Calhoun Elementary, and the nursing home.  Ending the day performing for their peers at McLean County Middle School at 2:15.

Blind Date with a Book!

One hundred MCMS students participated in the "Blind Date with a Book" activity.   Many said they can't  wait to try this again next year.


2 MCMS students advance to State


Two students have qualified to advance to the State Governor's Cup, academic competition:

Cameron Edwards in Social Studies


Callum Case in Written Composition

Join MCMS for the Great Central U.S. Shake Out Drill

February 7, 2013 at 10:15am.  Click above for more information.

MCMS 8th grader, Callum Case, Headed to Frankfort!


Callum Case is to serve as a legislative page to a Kentucky Senator or Representative.  Select the headline above for details. 

Parent Letter following Tragedy
Come out and see MCMS's production of "Yes, Virginia"

Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 3pm in the gym.
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 7pm in the gym. 

Admission is $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for students, part of the proceeds will go to the Christmas Wish for Kids Foundation.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The winning tower was 66.5 cm tall.
The Challenge:
Build the tallest free-standing structure in just 18 minutes using no more than 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow.  The marshmallow must be on top and cannot be deformed to hold it in place.  The structure has to stand firmly on its own; it cannot be propped up, held, or suspended from the ceiling.
Thursday, November 15, 2012, 5:00-7:30pm the 7th grade projects for the recent Ancient Civilization unit will be on display.  PUBLIC INVITED!  Free Admission!

Mock Elections

MCMS held mock election on Monday in each grade level.  Romney won with 238 votes compared to Obama's 135 votes.
Stacy Patrick

McLean County Clerk, Stacy Patrick, spoke with the 8th grade students regarding the election process and how the clerk's office prepares for an election.
Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge
Physical Education students are participating in fitness through circuit training preparing for the Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge. They first pretest each area. Then they do the circuit training for couple weeks before the final test. The Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge measures upper body strength by doing pull ups; abdominal strength through sit ups; hamstring and lower back flexibility by the sit-n-reach;  leg strength, endurance, power, and agility by doing the shuttle run; and finally heart and lung endurance by the mile walk run

Newtons Laws of Motion

Students who earned mastery on their forces and motion exam spent two days in class traveling through 12 stations showcasing Newton's Laws of Motion.  At each station students applied the laws of motion to the different activities there.  In this station, students rolled a bowling ball and a tennis ball up a ramp.  This shows Newton's 2nd law (more mass needs more force to move over a distance).
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Dedicated Fans Turn Out to Support MCMS Cougars
Thank you for braving the elements to show your support. 

Technology Learning Session-Edmodo In Your Classroom!
SPAM Video
 Click above to see the Video.
Changes in Matter

Students in Mrs. Crumbaker's class recorded their results by photographing changes in matter. Students projected their photos on screen as they reported their findings.
Click above for more details.

Click above to see more information.
Synonym and antonym tree

This week in Mrs. Gordon's 6th grade English class students used  Ipad applications to find synonyms and antonyms of science, geography, math, and descriptive vocabulary words then created a unique tree to store their new vocabulary!
I am Someone

Scott Harvey came and presented his powerpoint on bullying.
Click above for more details.
Mr.Beumel's art class makes Greek Architecture.

Mr. Beumel's 7th grade art classes are making sculptures of Greek Architecture. 
8th Grade visits mid 1700's

Mr.Ronnie Coleman came to speak to the 8th grade class about longhunters in the KY region from mid 1700's to 1810. Ms.Davis, shown above, is throwing a tomahawk at a target with the guest speaker.  See more pictures in the photo gallery.
School Wide Bullying Assembly on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:30am.

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Science in 7th Grade

7th grade science students make models of Earths layers in Mrs.Howell's science class
Thumbs up for Lane from the Middle School!

Tips for STUDENT SUCCESS in school.

The Kentucky Department of Education has developed two parent-friendly brochures, one outlining Kentucky’s state assessments, when students will take them, other tests children may take and how the results for these tests will be used. The second brochure deals with school accountability, how it is based and determined, how parents will know how their child is doing on state assessments and much more.

To view the brochures or text versions of them, click here.

Below are tips for student success in school.

·         Let your child know you think education is important.

·         Make sure you child gets a good night’s rest and eats a good breakfast.

·         Set a daily study time.

·         Discuss homework with your child. Stress responsibility for doing the work and check to see that assignments are competed.

·         Keep track of your child’s progress throughout the year. Praise success. Talk with your child’s teacher about any areas of concern.

·         Encourage your child to ask questions at home or in class.

·         Read to your child.

·         Encourage your child to read and write independently.

·         Look for ways to make learning part of everyday activities.

Kindergarten Stories from Opening Day
McLean County Middle School Vision Statement
In developing a vision statement for our school, we would like to get input from as many stakeholders as possible:  Parents, teachers, community members and students.

Please click on the link below and post a comment.

Bluegrass Technology Center hosts Parent Basics 101 Workshop
The Workshop scheduled for June 12, 2012, will enable parents to learn how to explore, consider and fund Assistive Technology.  This event is being sponsored by KY Protection & Advocacy and offered free of charge.
Farmhouse Advertisement Farmhouse.MP4
This an advertisement for Farmhouse.
McLean County Public Library Advertisement Library.MP4
This an ad for the McLean County Public Library.
Dossett Tanning Advertisement Dossett Tanning.MP4
This is an advertisement for Dossett Tanniing.
Jay's Drive-In Advertisement Jays 1.MP4
This is an advertisement for Jay's Drive-In in Calhoun.
7th grade to visit the Parthenon in Nashville
On Friday, April 20, 2012 the 7th grade class will be making a trip to Nashville to visit the Parthenon.  Thanks to the McLean County Education Association for helping to fund their trip and making it possible to attend.
Help for Parents to Monitor Childrens' Social Media Activity
Steve Barker Named Coach of the Year!
Welding Team Strikes First
8th graders visited Murray State University

Historical McLean County Photos Gallery
2013 Health and Safety Fair

The Health and Safety Fair will take place in the McLean County High School Gymnasium, March 16th, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Beyond the Birds and the Bees- CANCELLED
An Informational Session For Parents:

Talking with Children about Relationships, Values and the Facts of Life
March 29, 2012
Meal at 5:30pm
Program 6:00pm

RSVP by March 22, 2012 at 270-273-0065

FREE to any Middle School Parent

Click above for more information
Chamber and Tyson Foods to Host Truckload Sale March 10th
Kindergarten Pre-registration
Kindergarten pre-registration for the 2012-2013 school year will take place during the week of March 5th through the 9th. 
Free Bullying Seminar Offered March 13th!
Parents, Students, and Educators Encouraged to Attend
Scenes from "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Mrs. Gordon's class presenting "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

Click above to see scenes.
Mrs. Gordon's class speeches
A few of the best speeches from Mrs. Gordon's class.

Click above the see the speeches
Mrs. Wiggington's Play
Mrs. Wiggington's enrichment class presented "The Gone Gobler."

Click Above to see more pictures
Students using the Mini Lab
Students in Mrs. Cartwright's room learning about the Author's Point of View.
Mrs. Gordon's Speech contest winners
1st Period: 1st place- Trever Nall; 2nd place- Jesse Hayden; 3rd place- Autumn Slinker, Emily Nelson, Caitlyn Conrad
3rd period: 1st place- Cable Wilson; 2nd place- Logan Robinson; 3rd- Spencer Ott
4th Period: 1st place- Bailey Barker; 2nd place Kirsten Ayer; 3rd Dallas Griffin
6th Period: 1st place- Haley Sams; 2nd place- Aaron Ashton; 3rd Jaylan Lutz
7th Period: 1st place- Miranda Miller; 2nd place- Autumn McCoy and Melanie Robertson; 3rd place- Jack Troutman and Travis Vanover

Click above to view pictures
iPads used in Science class to increase student interest and participation!

6th grade Speech Contest Results

1st period - 1st place: Noah Rickard

                  2nd place: Dakota Jarvis

                  3rd place: Austin Blades



2nd period - 1st place: Mary Ann Ellis

                   2nd place: Adam Clark and TeAra Lee

                   3rd place: Peyton Blades, Caleb Hicks, and Tyler West


4th period - 1st place: Edie Cook  

                  2nd place: Hallie Hudson, Whitley Patterson, and Alexis Schindler

                  3rd place: Justin Clouse


5th period - 1st place: Rachel Smith

                  2nd place: Madison Miller

                  3rd place: Martha Briones


6th period - 1st place: Amanda Geary

                  2nd place: Madison Riley

                  3rd place: Kenzie Swann

Looking for Work?
Local Job Fair Offered by NorthWest Kentucky Forward
Livermore Elementary School supports MCHS Boys Basketball Team Video 83 (2)_xvid.avi
Livermore Elementary School students and staff congraulates MCHS Boys Basketball team as 3rd region Class A Champs and sends them off to Franfort with a very encouraging and exciting walk through pep rally. Thank you Livermore Elementary!
Marie Gatton Phillips Elementary support MCHS Boys Basketball Video 74_xvid.avi
Students and staff at Marie Gatton Phillips Elementary gather in their gym to cheer on MCHS Boys Basketball just before the leave for Frankfort for the All A Classic tournament. Coach Barker addresses the crowd that the boys’ team is going to represent all of McLean County. Students at Marie Gatton Phillips give the players and cheerleaders great encouragement! Thank you Marie Gatton Phillips Elementary for your support.
Calhoun Elementary supports MCHS Boys Basketball Team Video 75_xvid.avi
Calhoun Elementary School students and staff  congraulates MCHS Boys Basketball team as 3rd region Class A Champs and sends them off to Franfort with a very encouraging and exciting walk through pep rally. Thank you Calhoun Elementary!
School Out Thursday for Class A State Tournament
There will be no school on Thursday, January 26 for the Class A State Tournament match vs Glasgow Scotties in Frankfort. Tickets will be on sale at the High School for $8.
Mrs. Howard's Food Plate
Students teach about nutrition
Anti-Bullying/Bullying Awareness
Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20th.
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Distinguished Students recognized at Board Meeting

MCMS has a new Asst. Principal?
No, just a new name.  Miss Muster got married and her new name is Mrs. Hayden.
Suicide Prevention--QPR Information for Parents and Adults
Training session for Question, Persuade, and Refer Skills for adults.

Location: McLean County High School
Date Friday, December 9, 2011
Time 6:30 PM

Free Movie Night this Thursday at Livermore Library!
 Free Coke and Popcorn!!
7th grade Ancient World Civilization Showcase.

Media Release Statement
County Mourns the Loss of Student
8th Grade 13 Colonies Commercials
Mrs. Crumbaker's class show off their science inventions.
Revolutionary War Medicine
Abraham Ruddell Byrd III, M. D., of Tucson, Arizona, spoke to the 8th graders about life as a Revolutionary soldier.  He will also be at Calhoun Christian Church on Oct. 4th at 7PM to discuss Revolutionary War Medicine.  Click on the link to see his full demonstration.
UK Extension Agent spoke to 7th grades students
Greg Henson from the UK Extension office spoke with 7th graders about the formation of soil in McLean County.
Researching Inventors
Dragon Sculptures
 6th Grade students are finishing sculptures in Mr. Beumel's art class.  Click above to see student work.
6th grade Body Walk
On Monday, November 19, 2012, Carrie Hicks (with the county extension office - 4H) put on our 2nd annual Body walk.  There are ten stations with different parts of the body discussed at each station.  People from the community help to man the tables and instruct students on health related content.  The following day, Mrs. Hicks is in one of the classrooms and talk with the 6th graders about how choices they make effect these parts of the body (food, exercise, sleep, etc.)  The students really enjoyed this interactive model.  Thanks to all the community members that made this happen.
Studying Minerals in Mrs. Crumbaker's class.

Students have been experimenting with different minerals to discover their properties.  After learning the names of their mineral samples, students researched the mineral of their choice to learn more about their uses and applications in our world.
MCMS Holds Geography Bee

Around the World in Ancient Civilization
7th Grade Students displayed their 3-D models Thursday night to the general public.
Kentucky Colonels' 6th grade Showcase in Dixon
Our sixth grade students competed and had the following results:
Language Arts:
6th place - Rachel Smith
5th place - James Cross

6th place - Nate Crumbaker
3rd place - Spencer Meade

2nd place - Branden Clayton
1st place - Whitley Patterson

Quick Recall placed 1st, members:  Branden Clayton, Nate Crumbaker, Brandon Bartlett, Isaac Calvert, Kelby Howard, Spencer Meade, Mary Ann Ellis, Michael Gardner, Rachel Smith, and Becca Devins.
MCMS students Honor Veterans
Army Major Jay Watkins spoke live from Afghanistan this morning via SKYPE. Army National Guard Sergeant, Josh Beeler, spoke to the students about price that is payed by many soldiers. Students also described a service learning project where they manufactured blankets and donated them to several veterans in the county. 
Middle School Wins Governor's Cup

The McLean County Middle School academic team competed with Hancock County, Ohio County, Owensboro Catholic, and St. Mary in the District Governor’s Cup competition over the weekend.  Click above for results.

MCMS will compete in the Regional Governor’s Cup in Dixon on Tuesday, January 29, and Saturday, February 2. 

Yes Virginia

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Macy's holiday "Believe" campaign, the retailer is bringing the beloved "Yes, Virginia" animated special to life on the stage of McLean County Middle School! The musical is based on a true story and tells the heartwarming tale of 8-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon, who wrote a letter to the New York Sun newspaper in 1897, inquiring about the existence of Santa Clause. Make plans to start your holiday season right by attending one of 2 performances. Sunday, Dec.16th at 3:00 p.m. or Monday, Dec.17th at 7:00 p.m. The production will take place in the gymnasium at McLean County Middle. It is under the direction of Mrs. Debbie Howard and Co-Directors: Laura Beth Austin and Jennie Gordon. The cast of over 80 students is comprised of Mrs. Howard's 7th and 8th grade choir students along with other students from the school who auditoned back in October. The production is guaranteed put you in the Christmas Spirit!

McLean County Middle School has a new Football Coach!
Congratulations to Coach Cline!  He has worked with McLean County Football programs for several years.  He will be the MCMS head coach for 2012-2013 school year.  We wish you a successful season.  GO COUGARS!
Team Up Against Drugs
Showing their support for Red Ribbon week by wearing their Favorite Team Jersey.

Pride Day
The cougar is a large cat of the family Felidae native to the Americas. The first known sighting in McLean County was in Calhoun, 1849.  Its range, from Sacramento to Glenville, Island to Beech Grove and Livermore to Jewell City, is the greatest of any intelligent mammal in Western Kentucky.  An adaptable, generalist species, the cougar is found in most McLean County habitat types.



An excellent stalk-and-ambush predator, the cougar pursues a wide variety of goals. This cat prefers habitats with dense underbrush (found near Schultz Hill, Doug Hill, Troutman and Tichenor Hills) and rocky areas for stalking (such as Wrightsburg, High Banks, and Gander town), but can also live in open areas (Pack, Comer, Lemon, Guffey, Buttonsberry and Rangers Landing). Even though they are often hard to see due to their elusiveness, they are often seen near Cleopatra, Straneyville, Knobbs, and Semiway. During drought years they visit the Green and Pond Rivers, and occasionally Brazzel Bridge. The cougar is territorial and survives at low population densities. Individual territory sizes depend on terrain, vegetation, and abundance of challenges.  It is reclusive and usually avoids people.


In some instances they do travel in groups, forming a “pride”.  Forming prides would make the Cougars move up the food chain, not only due to numbers, but also due to increased competition.  They would dominate.

Once every three weeks, our cougars will come together and move in prides: increasing their skills, sharpening their tools, and learning new survival techniques to reach their goals.  No matter where our cougars are from in McLean County they will move to the top.  This day will be called………………..


Pumpkin Project


On Halloween day, students in Ms. Austin’s sixth grade math class participated in a pumpkin activity. Students worked in pairs to find the circumference of a pumpkin, in centimeters and inches, and they also weighed their pumpkins, with seeds inside, and then had the chance to clean out their pumpkin before weighing it again. On Friday, the students used their pumpkin data to find statistical measures and create graphs. Ms. Austin and her students look forward to this activity each year. A big thanks to Mrs. Crumbaker for letting the activity take place in her science classroom!


Click "Read More" for more pictures.


Reality Store at MCMS
Education Foundation Awards Funding Requests
Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Beware!
TEEN Outreach Program Meeting Sept. 20 6:00-6:30 MCMS Library
Wyman's Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is an evidence-based best practice program.  Used by schools, communities and youth practitioners, TOP empowers teens to lead successful lives and build strong communities.  This cost-effective approach is grounded in contemporary research and specifically designed for young people in 6th to 12th grade.  TOP is nationally recognized as a program that delivers real results.

Goodwin family visits MCMS

On March 14, 2013, the Goodwin family stopped by to see the bench and plaque that students raised money for, honoring Lane.  The bench, made of all recycled material, was purchased due to Lane's love of animals and the environment.  The plaque features a picture of his first day of school this year and the "Thumbs Up for Lane" foundation.  The Goodwin family will always be in the heart of McLean County Middle School.

JROTC Leadership Program offered at MCMS

The McLean County High School JROTC is offering a Leadership Program to middle school students.  They will meet every Monday 3:00-4:00pm at MCMS. 

     The program will consist of teaching students the following:


            .  To have pride and respect for themselves and others.

            .  To take responsibility for their actions and deeds.

            .  The proper respect and handling of our Nation’s Flag.

            .  How to march and perform color guards for school events.

            .  Responsibilities and opportunities of being a leader.


     This program has no future obligation to join the JROTC program at the McLean County High School or any branch of the military.  It is to teach responsibility, respect, leadership and about opportunity to do a service for the school.

December: Writing Focus in Science

Each month our school will focus on writing in a different content area. 

      December WRITING FOCUS:  Science

Students Raise Money for "Make A Wish" Foundation
MCMS students were able to donate $109.13, a portion of their proceeds from the "Yes, Virgina" play they recently performed, to "Make A Wish" Foundation. 
Standards and Progressions
 Teachers and Parents can now access Common Core Standards and Common Core Math Progression documents by hovering over the "Instruction" quick link and then choosing "Curriculum" or by going to the link below.

Kentucky Standards
MCMS Chess Club

Lawrence Chess Club

The chess club meets the first Thursday of every month.

Come out and join the competition.

Test Release Resources for Parents
ATTENTION McLean County Farmers - We Need Your Help!
 America's Farmers Grow Rural Education grant sponsored by Monsanto
Local Artist Speaks to MCMS Students
Rod Austin, Beech Grove furniture and musical instrument designer, visited MCMS March 23 and March 29 and spoke to students in Don Beumel's art classes. 
Technology Survey
McLean County Public Schools is conducting a survey to determine what type of technology students have at home. This Survey will be used to compare our technology access to other school districts throughout the state of Kentucky.  Please choose the appropriate survey below for the student enrolled in our district.  If you have more than one child enrolled, only take the survey once. 

Elementary Survey

Middle and High Schools Survey

Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable information.

MCMS ART SHOW on January 22, 2013, 5:00-7:30pm

On January 22, 2013, MCMS will be having our first annual Art show. 
Free admission. 
We are taking this opportunity to showcase our student's hard work. 
You will be amazed at the talent in McLean County.
The theme for this year’s Kentucky Safe Schools Week (October 21-27) is “BULLYING: Be a Part of the Cure."
Emphasis is placed on how each individual student and staff member can be empowered to become part of the "cure" and stop bullying in their school by helping to create a healthy, safe  learning environment.

Visit this site and make your pledge:
Africa Comes to MCMS 6th Grade

Geography Bee Participants
One student will advance to state competition.
AR Point Club
Point Club
The McLean County Middle School Accelerated Reader Point Club now has twenty-three members who have earned 50 points or more for the year.  Nate Crumbaker, Ashlyn Leizear, Andrew Meade and Timothy Poiles have each earned 100 points, and James Coy has earned 150.  Rebecca Devins has 200, and Sierra O'Nan has reached the 250-point mark.  All of these great readers have won some interesting prizes along the way, and we want to congratulate each one of them!
Outstanding Students
Several 7th grade students took the ACT test offered through the Duke University Talent Identification Program.  McLean County Middle School had three students who scored high enough on the test to receive state recognition: Cooper Bishop, Callum Case, and Jarrod Darnall.