Alert: McLean County Schools will NOT be in session on January 2, 2015.

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2015-16 Calendar Approved

At the December 18th board meeting, the school board approved the 2015-2016 school calendar. Please feel free to use this document to make vacation plans for the up-coming year.





High school students teaching elementary students

Students in Mrs. Seacry’s Advanced Child Care and Principles of Teaching classes have been to Livermore Elementary School teaching lessons. Mrs. Seacry’s class taught several craft lessons. Students had to solve math problems to be able to find the color to color snowflakes. Students prepared a lesson for making snowmen. Mrs. Searcy’s class also worked with them on reading stories.



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Students get a hands-on activity with electricity

Students in Mr. Woodburn’s Ag Construction class get a chance to demonstrate what they have been learning in class about electricity. Students were asked to correctly wire a light bulb and receptacle to a switch. In the activity the switch was supposed to control the light bulb while the receptacle stayed hot all the time. Other labs would require students to be able to turn the receptacle on and off with the switch.  Once students master this they may be required to do more complex electrical wiring activities.



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Parabolas can be fun!

Mrs. Tucker's Algebra 2 class are studying parabolas and their symmetry. Each group was to visually display a parabola with its axis of symmetry.

Discover Lab on Acids and Bases.

Students in Mrs. Fagans Science class were given a random selection of substances and asked to predict if they thought the substance was an acid or a base. After students made predictions students used the new science equipment obtained from the Monsanto grant to determine if their predictions were correct.


Every artist begins with a blank canvas.  Mrs. Angie Dickerson and her daughter Shari began with a big blank wall on the stage of Calhoun Elementary School a few weeks ago.  Please check out our photo gallery to see the changes each day brought.

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